Verito Eco Park | Activities

Our Activities

Children’s Park

Our park is designed with children in mind, featuring a wide variety of activities and attractions that will keep them entertained and engaged for hours. From our colorful playground equipment to our interactive water features, there is something for every child to enjoy.

Bambu gallery

Bambu Gallery is a unique art space located in the heart of Verito, showcasing contemporary art from some of the most talented artists in the region. The gallery features a wide range of works.

Sports activities

Verito offers a variety of sports activities for people of all ages and interests. From team sports to individual pursuits, there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Boating is a popular recreational activity that involves navigating a watercraft on a body of water. Whether you are cruising along a river, sailing on a lake, or fishing in the open sea, boating is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Adventure ride

If you're looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience, an adventure ride is definitely worth considering. Whether it's a thrilling off-road excursion, a high-speed zip-line tour, or a white-water rafting trip, adventure rides offer a unique way to explore nature and push your limits.

Pool Activity

The Verito project includes a variety of fun pool activities for guests to enjoy. Whether you're looking for a relaxing swim or an invigorating workout, our pool has something for everyone.